Join the Plugin Alliance

The Alliance brings together key stakeholders of the ecosystem to drive sustainable, inclusive, innovation-led growth by making industries & supply chains intelligent.
The Alliance will focus on increasing awareness, collaborate to innovate, accelerate the startups, adopt the solutions, and finally scale the solutions in the industry

FAQ  for Startups

If I am selected, can I be part of other startup programs during Plugin Alliance program duration?
Will I need to attend any of the sessions in person?
Do I need to share IP ownership with program partners?
Is there any upfront equity consideration for participating in the program?
Will startups receive funding as part of the program ?
Is there a joining fee?
Is there a set curriculum?
Is there a joining fee to participate in the program?
At what stage can I apply for this program?
I have not incorporated my startup as a Private Limited Company, can I apply?
Can I submit my application via email?
Can I submit more than one application?
What is the process of selection?
How much access will we get to the mentors?
What kind of support will be provided?