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CamCom Technology Private Limited

CamCom is an award-winning, industry agnostic AI powered platform for visual inspections built on a Computer Vision stack. We are pioneers in leveraging CV and associated technologies in the visual inspection process.

Process & Batch Manufacturing, Warehousing, Transportation
Logistics & Tracking, Product Inspection
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision


Solution 1

Sarathi AI

Sarathi AI is an AI enabled solution for defect and damage assessment for the automobile aftermarket.

Sarathi AI offers the rightt echnology blend to offer best in class experience to insurance companies, aftermarket players and their customers in the claims and inspection processes with the highest level of accuracy

Solution 2

Ikshana AI

Micro defect detection using Artificial Intelligence for Industry 4.0. Future proof your business with the zero false positive guarantee and detection of defects upto 50 microns either during assembly or at the end of line checks. Works for both painted and non-painted surfaces and also measures panel gaps, port diameters, etc.

Solution 3

Kritaka AI

Superfast, completely automated AI enabled in-warding, out-warding and return to origin solution for the warehousing industry. AI enabled quantitative checks that enable a realtime pass/fail solution using custom rigs.

Case Study

One of the largest two wheeler manufacturers deployed the solution for inspection of fuel tanks post the painting process. Fuel tanks are the most visible surface on a motorcycle and any defects on the same affect the brand. We managed to deliver zero false positives while reducing the time taken by 50% and increasing efficiencies by 30% while reducing manual labour by 50%

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False Positives


Reduction in labour


Process Efficiency Improvement

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