published on
24th May 2022
Candido Dietrich
Founder & CEO
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Investor Pitch Day – Readiness Session

The Plugin Alliance hosted its first exclusive Investor Pitch Day for Plugin Alliance Member startups on 5th April 2022. We had 7 startups participate in the Pitch day, and they presented to 5 members of the investor community, i.e, IdeaSpring Capital, Inflexor Ventures, Bharat Innovation Fund, Blume Ventures and Chiratae Ventures. 

As a run up to the Investor Pitch Day, we conducted an session “Crafting the perfect startup pitch: What do investors want to hear”, as a part of our knowledge series. The session aimed to prepare the startups for the Pitch Day, by covering important aspects that should be included in a startup pitch. The knowledge session was facilitated by Amit Pandey – AVP, IVCA, on the 31st March. This session was also opened up to the other startups within the Intel Startup Program. 

Creatives, screen grabs from the Investor Pitch Day – Plugin Alliance
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