published on
24th May 2022
Cicero Cummerata
Founder & CEO
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Pharma Tech Summit 2022

Plugin Alliance was a Premium Partner at the Pharma Tech Summit conducted on 21st April 2022, in Hyderabad. The event had 200+ registrations, 150+ attendees – primarily CXOs and senior management (key decision makers) on digitalization in medium and large pharmaceutical, life sciences & chemical production enterprises. As a Premium Partner, the Alliance as well as 6 selected startups had the opportunity to host a physical booth and interact with the audience/visitors at the Summit. Members of the Alliance also delivered an engaging session, discussing the rise of Pharma 4.0 in the industry; and positioning the Plugin Alliance as a catalyst for digital transformation in the industry. We had many insightful discussions with the audience members; who shared broad challenges faced in the their organizations and were keen to collaborate with the Alliance in the near future. The startup stalls had an average footfall of 30 participants; and were able to engage in intriguing conversations about implementing industry 4.0 technology in the Pharmaceutical industry. 

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