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Clean Slate Technologies

Clean Slate helps factories and warehouses improve inventory accuracy, optimize MHE (Material Handling Equipment) fleet and improve workforce productivity thereby helping them improve productivity, save costs and improve safety.

Our multi-sensor hardware tags (Kreto), proprietary indoor tracking software engines (inLocate 6.0) and inLog platform enable live location visibility, process monitoring, deviation alerts and data driven insights for continuous process improvement. Our robust Kreto sensor tags and reliable indoor tracking engine inLocate enables indoor tracking with precision levels up to 30cm.

Process & Batch Manufacturing
Asset & Operations Optimization, Logistics & Tracking
Internet of Things, Machine Vision


Solution 1

Inventory physical location tracking and verification

Our inventory management module helps FG (Finished Goods) warehouses and storage yards minimize inventory carrying cost, prevent inventory misplacement, eliminate incorrect dispatches, increase fulfillment throughput and boost efficiency. Real time location verification during inventory put-away and picking processes with live inaccuracy alerts ensure no time is wasted in associated costs of handling complaints, inventory losses and administrative burden. Operators receive intelligent turn-by-turn navigation routing with shortest paths which help minimize the travel distance, reduce put-away and pick cycle times and boost operator productivity. Data driven location intelligence helps supervisors optimize space utilization, minimise inventory reconciliation costs, prevent pilferage and implement continuous improvement measures.

Solution 2

Internal Milkrun Logistics Tracking and Material Flow Management In-plant

The internal milkrun material management flow module helps lean and JIT (Just in Time) assembly lines reduce inventory buffer stock, prevent inventory stockouts and improve throughput with higher efficiency. By tracking the location, count and flow of material (bins/kits/trolleys) and tow-trucks from store to supermarkets to work-stations, the module helps get stock visibility and provides live replenishment requests (e-Kanban) to prevent production disruptions. System monitors relevant SOP adherence such as: stock buffer count, takt-time, number of cycles, correct routing, delayed/missed deliveries. Deviation management system helps in identifying key root-causes for deviation course correction and implementing Kaizen projects.

Solution 3

Industrial Asset/workforce Tracking and Management

Our industrial asset track and trace solutions help organizations with live visibility of location, movement and status of your workforce valuable assets like material handling equipment (forklifts, tow-tuggers, EOT [Electronic Overhead Travelling] Cranes, autonomous guided carts), workforce resources and specialty tools and equipment (dies, casts, molds, press, consumables, power tools). With live location tracking and real time anomaly alerts on dashboards, organizations can ensure that the right asset or resource is at the right place at the right time with automatic job reconciliation. Organizations can efficiently manage the assets or resources with a completely paper-free digital system for attendance, rostering and auto-generated tamper-free activity and billing reports. Our analytics dashboards and web applications will deliver custom business intelligence for process optimization.

Case Study

Largest automotive components manufacturer with $65B revenue deployed our solution to track raw material inventory deliveries on shop floor and capture KPIs such as Schedule Adherence, Route Adherence, Halt Adherence & Load Adherence as well as view live deviation alerts with root-cause and Pareto analysis for continuous process improvement.

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Improvement in throughput


Reduction in production disruption risk


Improvement in accuracy of data reported for audit

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