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Qualitas Technologies Private Limited

Qualitas enables manufacturing companies and machine builders to realize the full potential of Machine Vision and Artificial Intelligence to enable them to exponentially increase their product’s competitive and financial value. We believe that Artificial Intelligence has the power to disrupt manufacturing and we want to ensure our customers take full advantage of the potential it has to offer.

Discrete Manufacturing
Product Inspection
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision


Solution 1

Qualitas EagleEye® Platform

The Qualitas EagleEye® is a fully integrated plug and play vision inspection solution powered by deep learning. Eagle Eye helps manufacturers to automate vision-based quality control processes by using high precision cameras and AI at the edge leading to proven improvements in speed, efficiency, accuracy, and safety.

The solution includes:

- EagleEye Camera; Plug-play industrial camera with modular Optics, Lighting and Mounting arm

- EagleEye Edge: Deep Learning Inference SW for real-time Industrial Inspection

- EagleEye Cloud: For Deep Learning Solution Development, Deployment, and Management

Solution 2

Solution 3

Case Study

Case Study: One of the leading confectionery businesses has adopted Qualitas's EagleEye® Inspection System for their high-speed production line to inspect primary and secondary packing defects like: integrity of OCR printed on packing, Flap defects, Flap gaps up to 5mm, flap misalignments as low as 1mm, glue gaps of lesser than 2.5mm and segregation of SKU’s, all of these at a speed of 140 parts per minute.

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Process Efficiency improvement


Reduction in False acceptance


improvement in Overall Equipment Efficiency

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