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KML Sensors

KML Sensors specializes in designing and manufacturing of AI based Vision Sensors for Welding Automation and Inspection applications. KML has provided vision to hundreds of blind welding machines and robots worldwide.

Discrete Manufacturing, Process & Batch Manufacturing, Utilities
Product Inspection, Control Optimization & Autonomy
Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Internet of Things, Machine Vision, Robotics


Solution 1

AI Based Automated Weld Defect Detection

KML has developed an AI based automated weld defect detection system using intel’s OpenVINO toolkit. AI Model is trained using various welding data gathered using sensors like Laser Profile Sensor, Arc Camera, Welding Machine etc...

Solution 2

Automatic Laser Pipe Measurement System

ALPMS is a fully automatic pipe dimension measuring system designed to meet the most stringent requirements from pipe customers. Specially designed high resolution laser sensors combined with advanced image processing algorithms are used to accurately measure all the dimensions of the pipe. Measurements are done in real time, so real time feedback can be achieved.

Solution 3

Laser Seam Tracking System

Laser Seam Tracker is an non contact torch guidance system for welding automation. Laser Sensor is mounted in front of the welding torch so the sensor looks at the weld joint ahead of welding to calculate the corrections. This correction is then used to automatically position the welding torch precisely on the joint.

Case Study

We have supplied many Laser Vision Systems so that operator is removed from the harmful welding area. By accurately positioning the welding torch welding in the joint welding quality is improved and scraps are significantly reduced. Our systems are used in various manufacturing industries such as Pipe, Automobile, Defense, Railways, Energy, etc

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