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While the speed of manufacturing has drastically increased over recent years, but quality inspection remains a manual process. The manual visual inspection leads to defects, customer complaints, and a high cost of quality. We, at SwitchOn, are on a mission to help our customers reduce the cost of quality and differentiate shop floors. Our customers inspect surface defects and process gaps at high speed to ensure a 100% inspection of all products manufactured and at different stages of manufacturing through the SwitchOn DeepInspect System.

Our customers, also, can integrate Industrial rejection systems to bring down wastage by >80% and bring down the Cost of Quality by 50%+.

The DeepInspect system is deployed at the leading manufacturing companies in India such as ITC, TATAMD, and others to help them reach Zero-Defects with Zero-Setup.

Discrete Manufacturing
Product Inspection, Interactive Displays for Factory Visualization, Machine Condition Monitoring
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision, Internet of Things


Solution 1

DeepInspect - AI-Powered Quality Inspection for Precision Manufacturing

We are a Quality Inspection as a Service provider using technology to help our customers guarantee the quality of products being manufactured in their precision manufacturing lines.

Our product is an Edge-based Inspection Software: for automated visual inspection through our deep-learning-based Inspection models for use cases such as Surface Defects, High speed visual Identification of process gaps, and Visual Character Recognition(OCR) under noisy environments such as dust, oil, and others for the Automotive, Packaging, Pharmaceutical, and FMCG industries.

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Case Study

One of the largest FMCG companies in India deployed DeepInspect to do 100% AI-powered Inspection in their manufacturing lines reducing the number of Quality Defects by 30X and taking their entire plant online through simple hardware and a 4-week deployment cycle.

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