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Niral Networks

Niral Networks provides a comprehensive private 5G & Edge platform for accelerating Enterprise Operational Effectiveness. Niral Networks was established in July 2019 with the vision to redefine the future of Enterprise Connectivity by making private 5G & Edge as ubiquitous as WIFI and expedite the adoption of emerging technologies like IoT, Drone, Robotics, AI/ML, AR/VR, Gaming thereby redefining the way people live and work.

Discrete Manufacturing, Process & Batch Manufacturing, Utilities
Machine Condition Monitoring, Asset & Operations Optimization, Logistics & Tracking, Energy Monitoring & Management, Control Optimization & Autonomy, Situational Monitoring, Human Wellness Monitoring
5G & Edge


Solution 1

NiralOS Private 5G & Edge Platform for Industry 4.0

NiralOS is a network operating system for Private 5G & On-premise Edge platform that contains 3 key components:

  1. Niral 5G Core - Cloud-Native Private 5G Stand Alone core for enterprises that contains 5G functions - AMF, SMF, AUSF, NRF, UPF, PCF, UDM and integrated with various 5G Radio OEMs. Niral 5G core contains a compact UPF for local breakout when integrated with TSP Network.
  2. Niral Edge Platform - Kubernetes and Virtualized infrastructure to create a Mobile Edge Cloud (MEC) using existing commodity servers and open APIs to host various applications like IOT, Robotics, Drones, IMS, AR/VR for low latency, high bandwidth, mobility and privacy.
  3. Niral Controller - Centralized management, orchestration, zero touch provisioning & monitoring of multi-site Private Network and On-premise Edge Cloud. The controller can be hosted in a data center to centrally manage & monitor multiple private networks.

Niral 5G Core runs on commodity servers and is integrated with 5G radio from various OEMs to create Private 5G Networks. Applications like Drone, Robotics, IOT can be easily deployed on Niral Edge Platform and remotely managed using Niral Controller.

Solution 2

Solution 3

Case Study

Mining sites are typically located in the remotest part of the country. Lack of Connectivity and Monitoring is the main reason behind low productivity and hazardous condition of of Indian mines. Niral Private 5G and Edge Cloud has won the Mining Connectivity Challenge and our proposed solution enables the 3S (Smart, Safe and Sustainable) for Mining 4.0

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No Outdoor Connectivity to Private 5G Connectivity

Reliable Connectivity

No monitoring to real-time tracking and monitoring of vehicles, fuel usage

Tracking and Monitoring

Walkie-Talkie based one-way narrowband communication to Voice and Video communication using Mobile, Tabs

Employee Communication

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