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spidersense™ , the Smart & Real-Time monitoring platform for electrical rotating machines is a disruptive product built to help process manufacturing plants to reduce unplanned downtime and improve throughput/availability & energy efficiency .

Motors and generators which are commonly called as Electrical Rotating Machines (ERM) are ubiquitous and are critical to **run **our world. 47% of the world's produced energy is being consumed by electric motors, which are also the fulcrum of the industrial processes. Failure of these ERMs cause significant damages ranging from unplanned outages to the inefficient operations which adversely impacts the plant's throughput & production quality and ultimately the profits. spidersense™ with it's unique technology based on Electrical Signatures monitors the health of these ERMs in real-time helps to not only reduce unplanned breakdowns but also improve operational efficiency. spidersense™ leverages machine learning & IoT to detect the equipment health degradation issues in ERMs before they fail so that the plant team's can schedule the interventions proactively. By facilitating the real-time condition of the ERM , inventory & operations can be optimised.

Process & Batch Manufacturing
Machine Condition Monitoring, Asset & Operations Optimization
Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things


Solution 1

Avoidance of unplanned downtime

Even with the periodic maintenance in process manufacturing, there is a substantial risk of equipment breakdowns due to the large component of random failures which are caused by mechanical, thermal and electrical stresses. Case in point is that a single hot strip mill can lose up to $30 million in annual revenue to unplanned downtime and there are many critical processes like this in steel plants.To avoid this loss, spidersense™ (comes with hardware & software) monitors the operational & health condition of the motors to ensure that mechanical & electrical failures are caught in advance and parts replaced before an operational disruption occurs. Our proprietary hardware device iHz™ can be installed inside the motor control cabinet agnostic to motor location which makes our solution highly useful to monitor machines located in hazardous and not easily reachable areas.

Solution 2

Reducing Maintenance costs

Maintenance costs are a very large expenditure item for process plants, potentially higher in value than unplanned maintenance in industries such as paper,steel ,cement,chemical O&G. As per GE,As an example, a hot rolling steel mill O&M budget is >$30 million/year, of which approximately half will be dedicated to electrical assets. spidersense™ with it's understanding of the mechanics and combining with real-time AI, provides better asset (historical trends) and process (load,RPM,supply related etc..) information that can be leveraged to reduce of maintenance costs. Right information on prescriptive analytics on events happening at the plants at the right time will be provided to avoid unnecessary maintenance actions.

Solution 3

Case Study

One of the largest manufacturing group and leading suppliers of metal parts used spidersense™ to monitor critical Electrical Rotating Machines resulted in 80% reduction in breakdowns, improved efficiency and significant reduction in spare parts consumption.

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Reduction in Breakdowns


Reduction in inspection time


Reduction in Repair & Replacement costs

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