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Smart Factory Solutions Pvt Ltd

"What gets measured, gets improved" We provide hardware and software to digitize machines to improve  OEE / Efficiency and remote monitoring

Discrete Manufacturing, Process & Batch Manufacturing, Utilities
Machine Condition Monitoring, Asset & Operations Optimization, Interactive Displays for Factory Visualization, Product Inspection, Energy Monitoring & Management, Control Optimization & Autonomy
Internet of Things, Machine Vision, AR/VR, Robotics


Solution 1

How Edible oil company improved OEE in Middle East Asia

Challenge : Low OEE, High response time to locate fault on a machine and high changeover time on a filling line that has 15 Equipment.

Solution : Supplied Hardware to connect with 15  machines and then with Gateway. With all these data sent to cloud.

In Plant TV screen was provided to help operator locate the fault faster.

The URL based manual input provided easy access for the operator to input the Changeover and SKU details.

Masters were created for the SKU/Operators/User details

Role based User Admin

OEE / Availability / Performance / Quality / MTBF / MTTR / 6 Big losses as per TPM  

Result :

OEE increase 25% in 15 days.

ROI was 7 days Changeover time reduced by 30 mins.

In hall TV screen highlights the faulty machine for faster response

Solution 2

Pharma company finds excellent result on 1 line to extend to 20 lines in Formulation

Challenge: The changeover from  product or batch or FGex was very high.
OEE was low.
Solution : Hardware and software provided to collect data from the machine for this On premise solution.
SAP PO data were integrated with machine data and proper changeover was recorded.
The time was divided in 4 big buckets of No Plan, Changeover, Idle and Run.
OEE and its components were both live and in daily, batch, shift, monthly report
Result: The performance improved by multifold in terms of OEE. management decided to extend to all the line

Solution 3

Case Study

One of Large machine manufacturer decided to get their machine tools and machines under testing data directly from the machine to improve the Efficiency. For machines under test, record all the faults that came and once the machine works smoothly give green light.

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