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Chipster Technologies

Got Machines? Get IoT & Analytics

Chipster is an Industrial IoT (IIoT) Product company. We have built the Edge to Cloud CRUNCH IIoT & Analytics platform that enables manufacturing companies to go digital and transform their operations into smart operations by completely eliminating manual error prone performance computation. The platform enables manufacturing companies to move towards Just-In-Time manufacturing paradigm.

The CRUNCH IIoT platform is available for ready deployment at factory shop floors and offers features like machine, shop floor, plant performance analytics, production planning, automated and ad-hoc reporting, anomaly detection, alerts and notifications, preventive and scheduled maintenance planning, digital checklists, AR analytics, ERP Integration for just-in-time manufacturing.

Discrete Manufacturing, Process & Batch Manufacturing, Utilities
Machine Condition Monitoring, Asset & Operations Optimization, Energy Monitoring & Management, Interactive Displays for Factory Visualization
Artificial Intelligence, AR/VR, Internet of Things, 5G & Edge, Machine Vision


Solution 1

Plant Digitisation

Unified plant dashboard to measure and monitor operations of the plant. Machines from different OEMs are integrated onto a single dashboard for performance monitoring. Analytics are available on large display on the shop floor, via a Webapp on desktop/laptops and tablets and on the mobile devices as an App.

Solution 2

Preventive Maintenance

Our Preventive Maintenance Module allows plants to configure all their assets, schedule preventive maintenance based on duration, runtime of machines or shot count in case of Molds (Injection Molding). Dashboards, calendar views, alerts & notifications allow maintenance department to execute maintenance activities easily without loosing much time in planning. Machines, Molds and Auxiliary equipments can be configured for maintenance. Maintenance tasks can be configured as digital checklists.

Solution 3

AR Analytics & Maintenance

Augmented Reality based application enables quick and easy look up of analytics, alarms, alerts, maintenance schedule etc., of a machine on the shop floor just by pointing the camera of the tablet device at the machine.

Work is underway to enable guided maintenance enabling quick and easy maintenance activity that reduces machine downtime and speeds up the maintenance activity.

Case Study

One of our early customers - World's largest Pipes and Fittings manufacturers - were looking for 2 key aspects in an IIoT solution : (1) Solution should deal with machines from different OEMs (2) Platform should be customisable as per existing operations.

The CRUNCH platform has been designed with these 2 aspects in mind and all over customers are happy to be able to see that they get a single dashboard for all their machines and can be customised allowing rapid adoption.

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