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Jidoka Technologies Pvt Ltd

We deliver automation of visual inspection, retaining the power of human intelligence, to enhance quality and efficiency in manufacturing.

We leverage AI Powered Defect Detection system specially designed for the manufacturing industry to enable **100% visual inspection. **

Work Smarter, Not Harder!!!

Use your expertise to manage exceptions not waste it on mundane repetitive tasks

Discrete Manufacturing, Warehousing, Process & Batch Manufacturing
Product Inspection, Control Optimization & Autonomy, Logistics & Tracking
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision, Robotics, 5G & Edge, Internet of Things


Solution 1

Jidoka Kompass - Visual Inspection Platform.

Deep Learning based AI solution – KOMPASS captures the Digital Twin. It inspects products for Defect/features using Deep Learning based algorithms. This is done with 100% visual inspection at high throughput with > 98% Accuracy.

We provide AI generated insights which capture community knowledge and highlights process drifts.

Solution 2

Huron - 360 Profiling of your products

HURON's Rotary table design with glass top Supports the Jidoka KOMPASS the visual inspection platform, most suited for a wide variety of components with inspections speed up to 250 parts per minute.

The size of whole machine is just 1.3m in Length, 1.6m in width & 1.6m in Height, supporting up to 2 to 7 cameras depending on the component geometry and regions of inspection, Huron can be integrated with any part feeding automation such as a bowl feeder or robot.

Solution 3

Miyake- Pick and Place Solution

Stand-alone inspection station Automated inspection/classification/ counting decision with manual loading/unloading of components in front of the camera. System leverages KOMPASS , Jidoka's Visual Inspection platform.

The system can inspect at speeds of 60 parts per minute with 1-3 cameras, depending on the component geometry and regions of inspection. Ideal machine for complex surface inspections and part counting applications where man fatigue is more in the inspection process rather than loading/unloading.

Case Study

A leading technology leader in fine blanking & precision stamping for auto components based out of Chennai, has adopted Jidoka’s KOMPASS to automate quality inspection of Critical fine blanked parts used in car doors assembly and was able to achieve a throughput of around 60,000 componesnts inspects per day.

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Increase in defect detection


Decrease in false rejections


Increase in throughput

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