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Senovision Systems Private Limited

SensoVision is one of the first Indian companies to successfully provide machine vision based quality inspection systems to fastener industry. We have added various dimensions and features to our sorting machine like 360 degree Inspection, Laser based recess depth estimation, Detailed Web based Analytics and software developed from scratch which is totally customisable as per the requirement of the end user.

Discrete Manufacturing
Product Inspection, Control Optimization & Autonomy
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision, Robotics


Solution 1

Quality Inspection

We have deployed several machines for final quality inspection of products and majority of these solutions are being used by the fastener industry.

This entails dimensional adherence to the ideal part. Our machines automate this process and operates at a very high speed with accuracy in adherence to Six Sigma standards. This helps reducing manual intervention as well as operational risk ultimately boosting efficiency and productivity of our esteemed customers.

Solution 2

Surface Inspection

We provide surface inspection to detect burrs, scratches, dents etc. This can only be done AI powered self learning models, since the inspection parameters are constantly varying and highly subjective as per the end use. This is something which currently our USP over our competitors who are using static codes for the same. We also include automation for 360 degree inspection or flipping mechanism for dual side surface inspection with least cost.

Solution 3

Case Study

One of the leading precision parts supplier to automotive and space engineering required quality inspection solutions for their fastener type products. Using Sensovision systems solutions they were able to achieve 100% quality inspection and zero false positives helping them improve their productivity and efficiency and reduce labor costs.

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Quality Inspection


False Positives

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