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LivNSense Technology Pvt Limited

LivNSense is a pioneering Industrial AI Platform venture that aims at maximizing the profitability of the process manufacturing industry.

Company has successfully launched Cognitive Manufacturing solution that converts continuous process industry with standard electronic systems, into Process Digital Twins for predictive and prescriptive outcomes, thereby significantly lowering the cost of operations, energy consumption and carbon footprint.

LivNSense envisions to be a key technology player in the Climate Change by harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Twins technology to impact the process value chain.

Discrete Manufacturing, Process & Batch Manufacturing
Machine Condition Monitoring, Energy Monitoring & Management, Product Inspection, Control Optimization & Autonomy
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Vision, Internet of Things


Solution 1

Cognitive MFG4.0 - CARBONSENSE

LivNSense is driving the future of energy efficiency for Furnaces across Oil & Gas to Natural Resources through its Industry leading Cognitive MFG4.0 platform.

CarbonSense enables process industry to improve the efficiency of the energy while reducing CO2 emissions in a sustainable and cost-effective manner. The solution offers 10-12% increase in furnace efficiency, upto 5% reductions in (NOx) Nitrogen Oxides and (CO2) Carbon Dioxide emissions.

LivNSense objective is to help process industries by leveraging IoT/AI solutions to drive WEF (World Economic Forum) objective of “The Net-Zero Challenge”, to reduce Carbon Emission across the globe.

Solution 2

ViCAS - AI-Vision Based Collision Avoidance and Intelligent Workers Safety

The Construction Industry poses hazardous environment with heavy vehicles backing up accounting for over 36% of construction injuries. Over 60B USD is being spent on employee compensation every year due to blind zones. In addition to Blind Zone risks, the working conditions like noise, dust and weather conditions pose high risk and have the potential to cause severe consequences resulting in injuries or even deaths.
ViCAS (AI VIsion based Collision Avoidance and Safety System) is an integrated worker safety solution mitigating blind zone accidents, proximity warning with full or partial human detection alongwith predictive safety insights for early intervention. ViCAS has the potential to save human lives and millions of dollars for companies in economic costs with 100% safety compliance.

Solution 3

CCR4.0 - Cognitive Chemical Reactor4.0

Leveraging AI to maximize efficiency and Quality of Pharma API Manufacturing
Pharmaceutical manufacturers face several unique challenges in the digital era due to the singular focus on compliance (documentation, data integrity and process validation) at the expense of continuous improvement through digitization.  The key reason for the above conundrum lies in the lack of an integrated real-time decision-making platform that integrates data siloes inherent in the various heterogenous process.

Cognitive Chemical Reactor [CCR4.0] is a digital twin led comprehensive Pharma 4.0 AI platform offering by LivNSense that can assist API Manufacturing companies in increasing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by ~10%.

The CCR4.0 platform uses an opensource based Cloud Agnostic framework with support for Big Data Lake with Microservices, Containers and Dockers for enhanced security and deployment on any platform (on premises or cloud) for Real-time Process Based AI-Model for Multi-variate PAT analytics,

Case Study

LivNSense's Cognitive MFG 4.0 deployed for US based Petro-Chemical Plant provides  AI Driven Yield Prediction for Delayed Coker Unit and RX Maximization for Hydrocracker Plant

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