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AlgoAnalytics Pvt. Ltd.

AlgoAnalytics is a boutique AI expertise firm, with a strong team of data scientists and management with extensive experience. We offer AI services and solutions in a variety of domains including Manufacturing and Industrial AI, Banking and Finance, Insurance, Retail, Healthcare, among others. We have proven capabilities in image/video analytics, sound analytics, text analytics as well as numerical data modeling and analysis. We have established customer base in Japan, APAC, Europe and USA in addition to India.

Discrete Manufacturing, Utilities, Transportation, Process & Batch Manufacturing
Machine Condition Monitoring, Product Inspection, Control Optimization & Autonomy, Human Wellness Monitoring, Asset & Operations Optimization, Situational Monitoring
Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Machine Vision


Solution 1

Equilips 4.0

Equilips 4.0 is our innovative solution based on Sound Analytics. Our real-time Deep Learning Algorithms listen to the sounds of the machine or the manufacturing operation, and can detect various states of the machine, quality of manufacturing operation/process, as well as any other anomalies in the operation. Our Sound Analytics solutions can thus be used both for real-time quality tracking as well as Predictive Maintenance.

Solution 2

Real-time Video Analytics for Defect Detection

Our multi-camera video analytics solution detected defects in manufactured products in real-time. The state-of-the-art Deep Learning algorithms deployed in Edge Computing fashion can utilize feeds from multiple cameras to accurately detect even the small defects, under a variety of lighting conditions. Our defect detection solution is used by our customers in inspection of automotive components as well as for other products.

Solution 3

Case Study

Our real-time video analytics solution is used by Sharada Industries, Pune for detecting defects in the automotive components. Our setup included three video cameras, to capture three sides of the part under inspection to perform various quality checks. The AI solution was embedded in an Edge Computing device installed on premise check all these parameters in real time and verify if the product is defect-free (ON) or defective (NOK), the defective (NOK) parts were discarded using a connected automation mechanism.

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