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UptimeAI, the industry’s first AI-based virtual expert, enables digital transformation driven by data and rooted in domain expertise, allowing manufacturers to consolidate disparate tools and prevent process inefficiencies and equipment failures across plants. Their proprietary self-learning algorithm combines AI with deep domain knowledge to get smarter with use, reduce redundant alarms by 5X, and assist operators with 1000+ failure modes/recommendations, achieving operational excellence.

Process & Batch Manufacturing, Utilities
Asset & Operations Optimization, Machine Condition Monitoring, Situational Monitoring, Energy Monitoring & Management
Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things


Solution 1

AI Plant Expert

UptimeAI operationalizes artificial intelligence (“AI”) to the needs of plant engineers enabling them to predict equipment and performance issues in advance before they result in losses. Combining AI and subject matter knowledge, UptimeAI mimics experts by continuously learning and explaining complex issues to achieve high availability, high efficiency, and reduced maintenance.

Solution 2

Solution 3

Case Study

UptimeAI’s predictive maintenance solution could detect the impending machine failure 10 months ahead and provided the failure mode and recommendations to help engineers understand and take immediate actions to mitigate the problem, ensuring the issue would not repeat for any of their units ever and would’ve saved $750,000.

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Increase in Productivity


Increase in Availability


Reduction in Maintenance

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