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Ati Motors

Ati Motors makes autonomous vehicles for material movement in factories and warehouses.

Discrete Manufacturing, Warehousing
Logistics & Tracking
Robotics, 5G & Edge, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things


Solution 1


Sherpa Tug is an autonomous trolley mover. It can move up to 1 tonne on trolleys, zero infrastructure setup and fits into existing workflows. Swappable battery makes 24x7 usage easy.

Sherpa Lite is a compact avatar that can be used to move totes or bins on the deck for lighter payloads. Fits in warehouse aisles and has a conveyor mounted option available.

Solution 2

Solution 3

Case Study

One of the largest MNC auto OEMs has deployed Sherpa Tug to automate movement of components to the assembly line. This has taken over a 3-shift operation of movement freeing up people to do other valuable tasks while reducing variance in material delivery timelines and improving safety of operations.

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