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We provide an advanced AI-powered warehouse operating system to automate and optimize warehouse management, control, and execution. Our platform bridges the gap between an ERP and a legacy WMS (Warehouse Management Software) by enhancing efficiency and enabling granular visibility at every step of the fulfillment process. We currently have e-commerce, 3PL, D2C and manufacturing clientele in North America (US and Canada), South-East Asia (Malaysia and Singapore) and India.

Logistics & Tracking, Asset & Operations Optimization
Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence


Solution 1

Omni Channel Order Management

Hopstack offers one central point-of-control for managing all your orders - from integrating with online, offline sales channels and shipping carriers consolidating all orders in one dashboard, to giving granular visibility into every activity performed with an order - we do it all. The platform also allows you to create customizable operational workflows for receiving, putting, picking, packing, sorting, and shipping.

Solution 2

Multi-Channel Inventory Management

AI-powered optimization multi channel inventory management modules to enable a single point of control for all your inventory needs. This includes interactive dashboards with real-time data, predictive demand forecasting, maintaining optimal stock levels and inventory placement, along with intelligent algorithms for identifying liquidation opportunities to improve cash flow.

Solution 3

Customizable Workflows to Suit Business Needs

Our cloud-based WMS seamlessly integrates and fits in your existing processes to help you achieve your business goals. You can seamlessly sync in with our out-of-the-box hardware and software integrations as well. Overall, businesses can easily customize the platform as per their needs and business operations. The platform also provided complete operational visibility across single or multiple warehouses with the help of its comprehensive analytics dashboard.

Case Study

We helped an Apparel-Focused Malaysian eCommerce fulfillment provider boost their operational efficiency by_ improving their performance visibility _and transforming their end-to-end inbound and outbound processes to better serve their fast-fashion customers. This resulted in 71% reduction in dock-to-stock time, 99% order accuracy, and 96% weekly order fill rate.

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Reduction in Dock-to-stock time


Order accuracy


Weekly order fill rate

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