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Intangles Lab Pvt. Ltd.

Working with physics-based analytics and machine learning to simulate the real-world environment into a virtual world, Intangles provides real-time and predictive insights, augmented with a large repository of repair strategies and recommendations. Intangles’ solutions allow operators in the mobility industry to monitor, benchmark, and conduct predictive maintenance of assets in order to enhance their overall uptime & profitability.

Machine Condition Monitoring, Logistics & Tracking, Asset & Operations Optimization, Environmental Monitoring, Energy Monitoring & Management
Artificial Intelligence, ADAS & Mobility, Internet of Things, 5G & Edge


Solution 1

Vehicle Health Monitoring

Historic and real-time data helps deliver alerts of possible failures, leading to significant reduction in the on-road break-down of vehicles, thereby increasing operational hours and lowering maintenance/repair costs. Averting an imminent break-down saves unplanned costs towards towing, making alternate arrangements for goods or passengers and post-failure repairs and replacements which may prove costly. With Intangles, you have the necessary information related to fault codes that may arise in your vehicles, whether minor, major, or critical ones, at your fingertips and you can look at remedies depending on the severity. Along with faults our proprietary predictive algorithms coupled with machine learning will help fleet operators conduct preventive and proactive maintenance making sure your vehicles stay healthy.

Solution 2

Fuel and AdBlue Monitoring

Fuel theft has been a major cause of concern among fleet-operators and vehicle-owners for a long time . There have been quite a few fuel-tracking devices in the past, however, none were effective enough to provide them with intricate details regarding the exact quantity of fuel stolen, with the exact location and time of the pilferage that could support the claim. Our ML-based fuel and AdBlue tracking algorithms can detect the exact amount and location of fillings/pilferages and in turn help compute accurate cost per km of fuel consumed.

Solution 3

Driver Behaviour Monitoring

Around 90% of all road-accidents occur due to driving errors. In addition to loss of lives and goods, accidents also significantly, directly or indirectly, impact costs such as repair costs, increase in insurance premium, and possible penalties towards underperformance. A great way to check on the increasing number of accidents is to keep track of the driving behaviour and offer personalised training to each individual driver on a regular basis. Our comprehensive solution tracks more than 20 exceptions in driver behaviour like over-speeding, idling , hard-braking, free running etc. which helps generate actionable insights.

Case Study

One of the largest transportation companies in India was riddled with a high number of on-road vehicle breakdowns, leading to huge operational costs and revenue losses. Intangles targeted their biggest pain point of engine over heating using physics-based hybrid analytics and developed a proprietary machine learning algorithm which raised an alert 8 Hrs prior to the event . This led to huge savings in terms of breakdown costs, estimated at $7,000 per event.

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