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Arcstone is a leading manufacturing software company with a mission to provide complete manufacturing transparency across the entire supply chain. As the partner of choice for manufacturers looking to grow and be at the forefront of digital manufacturing innovation, Arcstone aims to simplify Industry 4.0 and enable a more responsive, responsible, and sustainable manufacturing ecosystem for everyone by digitizing and integrating manufacturing operations from the shop floor right to the hands of consumers.

Discrete Manufacturing, Process & Batch Manufacturing
Machine Condition Monitoring, Asset & Operations Optimization, Interactive Displays for Factory Visualization
Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Machine Vision


Solution 1

arc.lite Lightweight MES

Designed specifically for SME manufacturers to gain a headstart on digital manufacturing at zero cost, arc.lite is a free light-weight MES solution with an intuitive, plug-and-play nature that enables manufacturers to gain a head start on transforming their manual-based production processes to fully automated ones within a day. With the core functionalities provided by arc.lite, manufacturers can significantly reduce time spent on deployment to rapidly optimize productivity and product traceability.

Solution 2

arc.ops Advanced MES

A full-fledged advanced MES with over 40 modules for full operational management that can be custom tailored to specific requirements, and is built to be end-user configurable for easy intuitive use. With Arcstone’s arc.ops solution, manufacturers will be able to increase productivity, quality and compliance while attaining real-time transparency from operation shop floors, production processes and to the hands of end consumers.

Solution 3 Supply Chain Solution

Attain live supply chain updates and full visibility in real-time with By integrating with existing tools and ERP systems, manufacturers will gain a holistic view and insights into the manufacturing of each order, from raw materials to finished goods.

Case Study

Lumileds, a global lighting solutions company, started their digital transformation journey in 2018 as they prepared to scale their efforts to be a leader in the data-driven manufacturing space across their facilities globally. Lumileds is the leader in LED solutions, specifically in high performance LEDs for automotive lighting, general lighting and specialty lighting. Lumileds had difficulty managing maintenance due to the significant number of machines on each site and a heavy, paper-based maintenance process. The key issue was to digitalize this paper-based process and make the information accessible via any device. Other key aspects were on preventative care and maintaining efficiency.

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Reduction of Indirect Workloads


Workforce Time Saved


Decreased Maintenance Transaction time (minutes per machine)

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