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Electrono Solutions

Electrono is a Next-Generation digital solution enterprise and we help customers achieve complete digital transformation.

Our core specialization remains Remote Engineering. Electrono excels in using concepts such as Lean, Six Sigma and Reliability Engineering and tools like Failure Modes and Effects Analysis, Verification and Validation Analysis to achieve the companies Digital objectives

We believe in people first and technology NEXT approach and have over 10 years helped more than 100 customers improve efficiency and maximize profits with our solutions. Electrono has digitized over 5100 assets over the past 9 years and is the trusted partner for some of the global manufacturing giants like Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, Mahindra, and Dana among others.

Discrete Manufacturing, Utilities
Machine Condition Monitoring, Energy Monitoring & Management, Environmental Monitoring, Situational Monitoring
Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Robotics


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E-FORCAST is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based enterprise platform which enable large organizations to quickly build and deploy solutions which are intelligent for their digital & automation journey. E-FORCAST combines machine-generated data with human expertise to provide deeper insights and real-time decision making. E-FORCAST enables communication between varied devices linked through cloud or otherwise. E-FORECAST forms the central nervous system for IoT solutions, Big-Data analysis and Real-Time decision making which helps digitally transform businesses.

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Case Study

World’s Largest Two Wheeler Manufacturer is leveraging on Electrono to implement Industry 4.0 platform. The client’s factory had a mix of legacy and modern machinery and they wanted to bring the entire floor on a single platform.

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