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Embedsense Solutions Private Limited

Embedsense is an IIOT product and solutions company that manufactures innovative industrial grade sensors and systems and offers end-to-end solutions that help manufacturing plants transform themselves into smart factories of the future. With our solutions customers can digitize their existing assets without the need for expensive upgrades and bring them onto the digital highway in a jiffy. Customers realize operational efficiencies, obtain data driven visibility into product quality and lower operational costs with our offerings.

Discrete Manufacturing, Process & Batch Manufacturing
Machine Condition Monitoring, Asset & Operations Optimization, Energy Monitoring & Management, Product Inspection
Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things


Solution 1

AI/ML powered value-added solutions for the Molding Industry

Embedsense Molding industry solutions deliver real-time insights into production at any level of granularity irrespective of the machine type, vendor, or capacity. Identifying and automatically screening defective parts as they emerge from their molds is a capability that we provide along with die-mold utilization insights. Pre-empting expensive machine failures that hurt productivity and increase maintenance costs is also a value add from this solution offering.

Solution 2

Comprehensive IOT based power quality analysis of Industrial Equipment

Embedsense offers a comprehensive IOT powered energy efficiency and power quality analysis solution for various kinds of critical equipment such as furnaces, transformers, motors, machines, and material handling systems. By monitoring efficiency and power quality of the electrical system with our custom hardware, impending equipment failures and hazards can be pre-empted. AI driven analysis and insights prolongs life of assets, lowers energy costs, and contributes towards the reduction of carbon footprint as well.

Solution 3

Multi Modal Asset Integrity Solution

Pre-empt machine and system failure, discover latent issues and improve RUL (Remaining Useful Life) of critical assets with the unique Condition Monitoring and Predictive maintenance solution from Embedsense. Be it simple rotary machines or complex machines with multiple sub systems, this solution brings insights into the health of the asset by investigating signatures from different domains. Adaptive AI/ML algorithms under the hood deliver tangible results with minimal costs.

Case Study

One of the large automotive parts supplier in Southern India implemented our molding solution suite in their die casting unit and realized improved productivity, energy savings and efficiency and discovered how their asset reliability can be improved

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