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Pixuate (Cocoslabs Innovative Solutions Pvt. Ltd)

Pixuate provides cutting-edge video intelligence hardware & software platform for actionable real-time Insights for operational efficiency, safety & security powered by state-of-the-art R&D in deep learning, computer vision, and edge processing.

Pixuate's analytics with edge processors can be easily plugged in with existing CCTV camera network and IoT sensors for automated centralized remote monitoring of critical assets and infrastructure, as well as compliance audits.

At Pixuate, we work with customers in manufacturing, logistics, banks, and smart cities for applications across worker safety compliance checks, sensor health monitoring, physical assets movement tracking, and road safety inside industrial premises.

Transportation, Warehousing
Logistics & Tracking, Situational Monitoring, Product Inspection
Artificial Intelligence, 5G & Edge, Machine Vision


Solution 1

Vehicle analytics linked with ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition)

Pixuate's vehicle analytics can provide multiple insights into vehicle movement inside secured premises or on the roads which helps in monitoring. - Captures critical vehicle information like - vehicle entry and exit capture, vehicle type, speed, traffic violation, and overloading detection.

Pixuate vehicle analytics is tested and proven on the most demanding roads conditions and vehicle types because of the following key features –

- Accurate ANPR for all vehicle types such as Trucks / heavy vehicles

- Easy deployment in remote locations with edge-based modular implementation

- minimal downtime and quick support availability

- ANPR capture in high-speed

Solution 2

Remote monitoring with Pixuate AIoT Platform

Pixuate offers a single-point control system with AI video analytics and AIoT integration that provides real-time detection of events on a pro-active basis that can be deployed to actively monitor unmanned critical zones such as generator rooms, warehouses, retail stores, and high-security premises of banks & ATMs.

The platform can as well help in increasing manpower productivity, complete reduction in manual dependency, enablement in adherence of SLAs for security departments & agencies, and reduce any financial loss due to shrinkage and uncertainties.

Solution 3

Case Study

Recently Pixuate collaborated with an E-surveillance system integrator to monitor 5,000 locations centrally with Pixuate’s AI command center. Previously an individual security officer had to view 80-100 screens at any given time. This had been leading to security officers developing vision fatigue & also the current practices are not efficient for 24*7 monitoring.

With Pixuate integration, productivity was boosted more than 10X and automatic alerts are raised when any defined suspicious activity is detected, and the security officer is better empowered to take further action. The SI also gets to know when any camera, NVR, DVR, or sensor goes down via an instant alert which was not possible previously.

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