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Vacus Tech Pvt Ltd

Vacus enables real time Indoor positioning and Tracking with centimetre level accuracy for Improvising Productivity and Safety.

Asset & Operations Optimization, Energy Monitoring & Management, Logistics & Tracking
Internet of Things, 5G & Edge, Artificial Intelligence


Solution 1

Asset and People Accountability

Vacus Tech is a Wireless Indoor Positioning Company with patented technology (US Patent number: 10,429,485) for the accurate accounting of assets and people. We are working with multiple fortune 500 clients in India and Singapore.

Vacus addresses Asset and People Accountability with following benefits in segments like Warehousing & Logistics, Manufacturing, Data centres, Enterprises etc.

  • Save Time – Automated, Quick and Precise Location of Assets / Equipment.
  • Save Money – With Improved Productivity, Loss Prevention, Lower Energy and Less Inventory.
  • Save Lives – Automated, Quick and Precise Location of Employee / Staff / Visitors Safety & Security – Panic, Man-Down, Duress Alarms. Employee Mustering during Evacuation.
Solution 2

Rack Sense Solution for a Greener Data Centre

Vacus Rack-Sese is an intelligent wireless solution which acts as the brain for your datacentre.

The Rack-Sense enables IT admins by automating the data collection process and providing them with accurate and reliable information like Asset/Rack location, Technician location, Temp/ Humidity and Airflow monitoring, Air flow, Power Information etc.

Rack-Sense collects information from the sensors and by using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques provide you with deeper analytics and informed decisions about the actions you could take to improve efficiency and utilisation in your data-centre. This helps to drastically improve the savings and effectiveness in your datacentre giving you quicker ROI on your investment.

Solution 3

Case Study

Vacus helped a Leading Data Centre Player in India achieve ROI in 6 weeks via monitoring the assets in datacentre and thermal mapping of server racks

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Efficient in tracking misplaced servers


More cost effective


by thermal mapping of rack

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